CSS Grid

Practicing HTML/CSS

If anyone has any interest in following along on the progress you can pop in and look at the site with this URL:https://ddupasquier.github.io/example-repository/

/* I’ve actually abandoned this project because this was built on just HTML and CSS rather than in React or any other front-end framework */

I was messing around with making a super simple, aimless web page. At this very point it’s only HTML and CSS. I intend to add JS and more interesting content as time goes on. Maybe I’ll decide what to put into it soon. Maybe I won’t.

I was told that the way I laid out my divs (with positioning) was a little archaic and was introduced to the grid system. Pretty excited to change this format to grid. I did a practice run with grid and it’s so much more simple. Far less tinkering, far less lines of code, and I feel far more confident that it can work across most platforms.

It was incredible to see that all of my divs went from being styled with relative positions, a bunch more lines, and SO MUCH HEAD SCRATCHING to all of the div sizing and positioning just being this:

Here’s what my layout is in my practice run. Obviously I’ll have to change it around to suit my site.



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Dylan Dupasquier

Dylan Dupasquier

I’m currently in school for software development. Oddly enough I got tired of inconsistent pay and no health insurance in the construction field.